Facilitating a Safe & Sound Society

Safe City, Happy Citizens

"Safety is not obvious and requires something from you"


Safety intrigues us.
That is why we have formed a team of people who use their talent to contribute. technological, social or scientific. We think that we must constantly innovate in order to get a serious role within the developments in society and to guarantee safety.


We want the world to be safer and more secure.
To this end, we come up with all kinds of innovations and we participate in various initiatives. But we cannot do this alone and challenge everyone to actively contribute to safety. The first step is awareness and recognition that passivity plays a role in insecurity. The second step is positive interference in the functioning of society. Then actively use your talents to make society safer and more sustainable.

The SafeCity team starts all kinds of active projects that have an impact on increasing safety and combating insecurity. We do that together with you and usually in a triple-helix context, companies, governments and educational institutions. So, if you want to actively contribute to safety and you need our help: please contact us.


Run with us for a Safe & Sound Society

The innovative approach

We have already taken these steps.

"Together we can make the world a better place."

Do something

Dare to ask

Open for any initiative, you can invite us for: an inspiring talk / innovative twists in your safety issues / think differently about fixed patterns / project management, advice and program management / a lecture about which people talk about / day presidency of your seminar / holding the mirror / help with difficult decisions in your organization / necessary experience and expertise.
You can contact us via:


SafeCity BV is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, and having its registered address in Tilburg, the Netherlands (Trade Register Number 52820017). SafeCity is a subsidiary of Public Safety Innovation BV.